Ārtelpu galda tenisa galds PERFORMANCE tennis table 700M CROSSOVER PELĒKA


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Athletic appearance, high performance, durable materials, exclusive features … There is no doubt that the design and level of equipment of the latest 700M Crossover table do not allow any compromises. This model will definitely suit your home and provide you with a unique experience. You’ll be surprised how easily – thanks to innovative wheels – the table can be moved. Attention to detail and the impressive, unique design of the 700M Crossover table will almost immediately take you to a new dimension.


  • LARGE TRANSPORT WHEELS WITH BRAKES The greater the number of wheels, the greater the capacity of the table. Therefore, the use of large twin wheels with flattened tires significantly increases the mobility of the table, especially on uneven surfaces. The brakes, in turn, provide excellent stability and comfort during play and safety during storage of the table.
  • STABILITY Large, wide table legs with leveling feet allow you to adjust the height to the ideal level.
  • HIDDEN, ADJUSTABLE MESH Double regulation system always ensures perfect adjustment of the net – both height and tension. When closing the table, the net automatically retracts between the tops, which ensures reduced space and safety.
  • REINFORCED STRUCTURE Extremely durable table structure has been covered with an elegant graphite finish, resistant to UV radiation.
  • SPECIAL COATING The table surface is covered with a special 9-mm HPL laminate. Thanks to this, the quality of reflections equals the most professional tables and promotes fast playing.
  • TRANSPORT HANDLES Comfortable, contoured handles allow easy lifting of the table when moving on uneven ground (stairs, thresholds, edges).
  • ROCKET AND BALL POCKET Functional racket pockets and ball pockets located on both sides of the table allow storage of 4 rackets and 8 balls.
  • BALL FEEDER Very practical, located on the player’s side, makes the ball always within reach.
  • CORNER PROTECTION The pads have been fitted at every corner of the table to guarantee maximum safety, especially for children.
  • MADE IN FRANCE. Product designed and manufactured in France
  • Thanks to the MATTOP coating, the sun’s rays do not reflect off the table and thus do not hinder the game. MATTOP reflects 10 times less rays from the surface than a regular countertop covering, which provides excellent comfort.
  • COMPACT TECHNOLOGY – an easy and safe system for opening and closing the table. It reduces the risk of the table tipping over and makes it easier to transport and store the table. The folded table does not take up a large area.
  • DSI (Double Securite Integree) Double security system. The central release handle ensures extremely easy folding and unfolding. 16 closing points. The table is fully secured during the game and during storage.
    It’s the safest system on the market!
  • All Cornilleau tables comply with the European quality and safety standard for EN-14468-1 tennis tables. Cornilleau’s products reach above the above standard to provide their users with the highest guarantee of safety and reliability. The standard distinguishes four classes: A – master tables; B – sports and school tables; C – high quality leisure tables; D – recreational tables.
  • All OUTDOOR tables (for external use) from Cornilleau are covered by a 10-year warranty. The warranty applies to all table elements, and therefore not only the top, but also frame elements. The warranty covers deformation, delamination, disappearance of markers on tables (lines, etc.).
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