Vingrošanas paklājs Reebok 4mm RAMT-11024RDL


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MATA FITNESS 4 MM LOVE is a red model from the “Love Fitness” series of exercise mats by Reebok. It is perfect for anyone who does some physical activity. Regardless of whether you are doing yoga, pilates, jogging or just doing a few crunches in the evening, a fitness mat is something that will be very useful to you and you will appreciate its benefits.

The mat is made of durable PVC. Thanks to this, it is resistant to tearing and does not slide on the floor. You will fully focus on the accuracy of the exercises, without fear that something will happen to the mat. An additional advantage is the ease of cleaning the mat.

If you practice yoga, you can comfortably do all your training on the red “Love” mat. Of course, not everyone chooses an activity that can be performed in one place. For runners, the mat will be useful for stretching after training, or for stabilizing and supplementary exercises. If you only do a few push-ups and sit-ups, you’ll also need extra support for your spine and joints.


Material: PVC
Red colour
Dimensions: 173 x 61 cm (L x W)
Thickness: 4 mm
Warranty: 2 years

REEBOK IS HARD FITNESS. Reebok represents its individual and innovative approach to fitness – it is a fitness that is unrestrained, optimistic, brave and exceeding all accepted standards. The attitude promoted by Reebok is: “I am not afraid of additional pain, I will not withdraw from the challenge, I will work hard because I believe in myself.”

Reebok is a hard fitness that goes beyond physical fitness and also goes towards social and mental well-being.

Reebok is never satisfied with the status quo, and therefore uses the idea of hard fitness in its business initiatives as well. This means constantly looking for new solutions to support enthusiasts with innovation, who are testing the limits of the traditional concept of efficiency themselves. The result of these searches are reliable, innovative and top-class training equipment and accessories of above-average quality.

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