Treniņu cimdi Pink / Gray W HMS RST03 Izmērs-L


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Gloves for the gym Pink / Gray W HMS RST03

RST03 HMS are women’s gloves that will work during fitness classes and traditional strength training. The use of various materials ensures ventilation and protects your hands against injuries, corns and chafing. In addition, the welt stabilizes the wrist, making training safe. Mesh material quickly transports moisture out of the fabric so your hands stay dry. The material is very breathable, so the barbell has no right to slip in your hand, and the grip is excellent. RST03 HMS gloves guarantee full comfort during even the toughest workouts.


  • material: leather, mesh, silicone
  • sizes: S, M, L


  • not intended for commercial use
  • 24 months warranty