Galda tenisa galds Cornilleau Platinium Outdoor gray


Līzingu iespējams noformēt, izmantojot Smart-ID ar biometrisko identifikāciju. Sākot no 70.00 EUR - 1399.00 EUR.

Platinium table designers are professionals who did not skimp on technical innovations: solid brakes, large twin wheels, perfect quality of reflections are just some of the amenities. Thanks to the incredibly advanced matte surface that reflects the sun’s rays, you will never be blinded by the sun again, and the quality of all strokes will depend only on you. The fully equipped Platinium table is resistant to all weather conditions, which makes it perfect for really uncompromising games.

WHEELS WITH BRAKES the brakes provide excellent stability and comfort during the game and safety while storing the table

STABILITY Wide leveling feet with a diameter of 120mm allow you to adjust the height of the table to the perfect level.

ADJUSTABLE MESH The double adjustment system ensures that the net is always perfectly adjusted – both in height and in tension.

HIDDEN MESH The net retracts automatically between the tops when the table is closed, which ensures a reduction in space and safety.

POCKETS FOR RACKETS AND BALLS Functional racket pockets and ball pockets on both sides of the table allow you to store 4 rackets and 8 balls.

CORNER PROTECTION All corners are secured for maximum safety for your children.

MADE IN FRANCE Product designed and manufactured in France.

Thanks to the MATTOP coating, the sun’s rays do not reflect off the table and thus do not hinder the game. 10 times less rays are reflected from the MATTOP surface than in the case of a regular table top covering, which ensures perfect playing comfort.

COMPACT TECHNOLOGY – easy and safe system for opening and closing the table. It reduces the risk of the table toppling over and facilitates transport and storage of the table. The folded table does not take up a large area.

DSI (Double Securite Integree)
Double security system. The central release handle makes it extremely easy to fold and unfold the table. 16 locking points. The table is fully protected during the game and during storage.
It is the safest system on the market!

All Cornilleau tables comply with the European standard for quality and safety for tennis tables EN-14468-1. Cornilleau products reach above the above standard to provide their users with the highest guarantee of safety and reliability. The standard distinguishes 4 classes: A – championship tables; B – sports and school tables; C – high-quality recreational tables; D – recreational tables.

All Cornilleau OUTDOOR tables are covered by a 10-year warranty. The warranty applies to all table elements, i.e. not only the top but also the frame elements. The warranty covers deformation, delamination, disappearance of markers on the tables (lines, etc.).
In addition, the manufacturer ensures the availability of spare parts for a period of 20 years from the date of purchase.